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I just purchased your cupcake wrapper creator and I think its amazing!

Joy, Morinville, AB Canada

It was so easy to make special cupcakes for my friend's baby shower.

Denise, Atlanta, GA
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Throw an Impressive Party

Custom Colors and Text

Here is an example of the beautiful, personalized cupcake wrappers you can make.

printable cupcake wrapper damask 3

Damask in Brown & White

The versatile Damask in a rich earth tone.


Unlike most other printable cupcake wrappers on the internet, all of our designs are made using high quality scalable graphics. People are surprised how great our cupcake wrappers look when printed.

  • Easy to use! You don't have to be an artist or designer to make great looking cupcake wrappers for your next party. You can use simple frosting details and let the wrappers be the biggest design element.
  • Save time! It's a great way for busy people to give their party a unique twist. Simply choose from one of our many designs, select your paper color, customize the text, then print.
  • Save Money! Don't spend $6 - $15 per pack in the store when you can print as many cupcake wrappers as you want, right from your computer.
  • Personalize the message! For birthdays or anniversaries, print the name of that special person right on the cupcake wrapper.
  • Great for all kinds of events! Perfect for friendly gatherings or work parties: Choose from holiday themes for Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fall, Summer or Sports.

Perfect for Baby Showers

Wedding Cupcake Wrappers

Perfect for the creative do-it-yourselfer. Choose from dozens of unique cupcake wrapper designs and customize the colors to match your event. Write a message right on the wrapper to celebrate a wedding, baby shower, or any special event.

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