About Cupcake Wrapper Creator

Loved by Many

I just purchased your cupcake wrapper creator and I think its amazing!

Joy, Morinville, AB Canada

I bought the program and I must say that I'm really pleased with what my wrappers look like.

Aleiah P

The kids, parents, and other teachers are going to LOVE these. I have to pry my hands away from the keyboard! Looking forward to making these forever:)

A Georgia School Teacher

I actually liked the end product more than I thought I would.

Ryan, Cupcakes Take the Cake

Did You Know

Visitors from 95 countries have used Cupcake Wrapper Creator to make over 70,000 designs and download over 400,000 wrappers.

We are a husband and wife team: Josh and Maritza Pearce. Maritza came up with the idea. Let her tell you how:

We are your classic little family of four here in Durham, NC. It was my son’s 5th birthday party. I baked a cake and started frosting it when I realized, "I am terrible at this!" The cake was pretty ugly and I decided that day I needed to stick to cupcakes.

When it came time to decorate cupcakes I looked everywhere to find a personalized cupcake wrapper. I didn’t find it. That’s when I asked my husband to help me create a wrapper to put around our kids cupcakes, and the idea began.

I hope you will take advantage of this site and use it to make your special occasion memorable. Instead of worrying about taking an hour to pipe a fresh cake for the party now you can print your wrappers, and be ready the day of the event.

If you have any questions please contact us. We are excited about this new idea and are looking forward to seeing what you create!

Well, Maritza is actually pretty good at frosting and the birthday cake she just made me was delicious! You can send us an email at, joshpearce@beechtreetech.com


Josh and Maritza Pearce